Noorie, Freuds, Oxford, January 2020

I just wanted to drop you an email but there is a card and gift on its way to you to say a million thank yous for putting on the most special evening ever. I couldn’t have asked for better food, better service or a better time – the last of my guests has just left and every single one had something to say about how spectacularly it was run. 

You have been nothing short of a blessing to my 21st birthday, and made it more incredible than I could have ever imagined! Absolutely everything was perfect, and I’m sure my family will settle all the debts with your accounts in the next day or so, but please do let me know where I can drop off a proper token of thanks just from me later this week!

I really could not have begin to have done it with you, and am so unbelievably lucky to have had you bring all the magic to it!

 All the best and endless thank yous